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Brand Introduction
The Bank of Japan IMP Microelectronics Co. Ltd. is located in the territory of China, the coastal city of Ningbo science and Technology Park, its predecessor is the United States IMP company. The Bank of Japan IMP microelectronics company business includes design, production and sales of high performance standard analog hybrid circuit, and provide special analog CMOS and BiCMOS process OEM service. Company sales mainly focus on power management, integrated circuit and communication integrated circuit two kinds of fields, more than 400 kinds of products, products are mainly used in computers, communications and control systems. SAMSUNG Ozone ADC Imp
Product Series
Voltage regulator, power switch, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics
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IMP Relevant Information:
Maxim announced the MAX20078 Synchronous Buck, High Brightness LED Controller, the industry's only component that provides both fast response time and low EMI (EMI) for external LED lighting and improved safety applications. The LED controller can be used for matrix lighting design, providing designers with high-performance, simple design, and can quickly market solutions.
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